Choosing Your Pen

The first and most important is style. RiKwill pens range from conservative (BabbageKids, LolliToo) to colourfull (BabbageCousins, Lolli) to Flamboyant (Revolution). So pick your style.

But once you decide what style(s) you like, you need to consider weight, diameter and nib (or rollerball) to complete your selection.


Here’s some common household writing devices to compare against – a throwaway rollerball, medium and large permanent markers.

Many folks are most comfortable with a rollerball size – BabbageKids, BabbageCousins. I prefer something a little bigger like the permanent marker – Lolli. And if you like ’em pudgy, grab a Revolution.



Dipping into my silverware drawer, the BabbagekKids & BabbageCousins weigh about the same as a dinnerfork, a Lolli weighs about the same as a dinner knife and Revolution weighs the most, the knife and fork together.



Nib choice is a little more complex. The wonderful thing about fountain pen nibs is you can grind them round (down strokes are the same size as left/right strokes) or flat (down strokes are larger than left/right strokes) so you can get a calligraphic effect to your writing with an italic nib. Conway Stewart gives you a grand choice of nibs – XF, F, M, B, BB, IF, IM, IB and any of them are available on the BabbageKids, BabbageCousins, Lolli or LolliToo. Revolution comes standard with a Bold nib but we can custom grind that nib to your specifications.

Of course, BabbageKids, BabbageCousins, Lolli and LolliToo come with a rollerball section so you can convert by just unscrewing the section. You can then choose from a variety of colours/sizes of rollerball refills.

Our friend and Nib meister Michael Masuyama ask you to answer the following questions when tuning a nib:

  1. I write with my: a) right hand;  b) left hand
  2. For left handers, my style is: a) overwriter,  b) underwriter
  3. My writing pressure is: a) heavy;  b) moderate,  c) light
  4. The angle I hold my pen to paper is: a) high,  b) regular,  c) low
  5. I grip the pen: a) very close to the nib,  b) at the gripping section,  c) at the threads on the barrel
  6. I prefer the inkflow to be: a) light,  b) moderate,  c) wet
Exra Fine XF 0.5 mm
Fine F 0.7 mm
Medium M 0.9 mm
Broad B 1.2 mm
Double Broad BB 1.4 mm
Italic Fine IF approx. 0.1mm wider than its standard counterpart
Italic Medium IM approx. 0.1mm wider than its standard counterpart
Italic Broad IB approx. 0.1mm wider than its standard counterpart