Making BabbageKids

The BabbageKids were born at the Conway Stewart home in Plymouth England. For those of you who have in depth knowledge of Conway Stewart products, note that their immediate kin are the CS Babbage and Sterling Duro.

The Conway Stewart Babbage edition was designed with a simple and straightforward cylindrical cap and barrel. Both the cap and barrel are covered in an intricate pattern of engine turned engraving in a concentric circular pattern. The Conway Stewart Babbage edition was made as a roller ball, an eminently practical choice for today’s lover of fine writing instruments. The Babbage was also designed as a clipless pen, intended to be carried in a briefcase, organizer or handbag, and sized to fit the pen loops built into these. In keeping with the life of Charles Babbage, practicality and attention to detail form the pre-eminent aspects of this design.

So at RiKwill, we wanted to build on the successful concepts of the Babbage and expand its versatility to fountain pen lovers and pocket/purse applications plus combine it with one of my absolute favourite pens in the CS line – the sterling Duro. The metalmasters at Conway Stewart took these ideas and the Kids were born. The Duro sized clip and nib make a very bold statement on the slightly smaller (in diameter that is) Babbage. The new engraving patterns flowed out of the creative minds of Mary Burke, Chris Care and the Conway design team. I’m very proud to be a part of this outstanding effort.