Caged Series

Every dragon needs a cage so RiKwill/Delta have created a fountain pen/ball pen set limited edition 25 that breathes fire into pen design. The Italian resin is called ‘Pompeii’, yellow Celluloid with black veins and is turned, drilled and shaped into a beautiful writing instrument. In gemology circles, the pattern actually mimics a variety of veined agates, hence DragonVein. And then before it leaves, the pen is fitted with a charcoal skeleton cage to keep it all in check.

To complement DragonVein, we’ve created a sister pen – BluVelvet limited edition of 25 FP/BP sets. The cage is buffed silver and encases a semi-transparent blue grotto.

RiKwill and Momo Design combine their talents to create a limited edition of 25 fountain pen & ball pen sets – TigerEye – a brown swirl celluloid accented with carbon fibre and highlighted with a see-thru grill on the cap displaying the latest in nib technology – Delta Fusion nib.

Each fountain pen holds the patent-pending Fusion nib – a revolution in design by Delta. The nib was developed to improve the efficiency of the fountain pen by enhancing the physical-chemical properties of ink within its assembly system. The foundation of the Fusion nib is a steel alloy covered and decorated with a layer of precious 18K gold: the ink is made more viscous on the tip of the nib because the thermal conductivity of the precious metal plate will heat the underlying steel – the higher temperature makes the ink flow more smoothly. The combination of gold and steel on the flexible nib gives it a unique and appealing look. It is strong and durable for long writing sessions – much more so than solid gold nibs. The fountain pen nib is offered in EF, F, M, B, and a stub. Each fountain pen is of Piston-fill design with positive screw-on posting cap.

The BallPencil can be configured as a ball pen or pencil using standard Parker shaped refills – twist to extend the point or lead.