Created in 1817 by Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster, the word “kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek kalos (beautiful), eidos (form or shape), and skope (to examine), which when combined translated to: “observation of beautiful forms.” Brewster used the term to refer to his invention of a tubular device utilizing angled mirrors that reflected images of colourful objects. Initially intended as a scientific tool while he was working in the field of polarization of light, the Kaleidoscope soon became a fabulously successful object of interest and art among adults and children alike.

The new RikWill Kaleidoscope limited edition 9 draws upon the gleaming reflections brought to life by the original Kaleidoscope with a stunning enamel and sterling silver design. Each piece in the Kaleidoscope edition is uniquely individual, as the enamel is hand painted by artist Robert Glover in vibrant combinations of complimentary colours. The vivid enamel is set into intricate geometric designs that grace both cap and barrel, providing the perfect counterpoint to the flowing combinations of colour.

The cap is adorned with repeated sets of hexagonal shapes composed of eight individual shapes filled with bright enamel hand painted in a gradient style rather than just the traditional block of colours. This style of enamel is much more labour intensive when compared to painting just one colour at a time. The cap is further accented with crisp ebony enamel lines in a wave pattern set between the enamel inlays. Each barrel features lines of gleaming polished silver running between panels of swirling enamel, accented at each end with triangular shapes that echo the hexagonal design of the cap, with a wave line pattern set into the leading edge of the section. The cap top is inset with the RK logo in matching colour enamel, again in the gradient fashion to match the rest of the pen.

Each RikWill Kaleidoscope is a perfectly balanced fine writing instrument, and every one is produced as a combination fountain pen and rollerball, allowing the owner to switch between the timeless elegance of a traditional fountain pen and the simplified ease of a modern rollerball. The fountain pen uses the reliable cartridge-converter system for filling, while the rollerball offers the ease of a ballpen style pen with the graceful line of liquid ink. Whichever writing mode you choose to use, the Kaleidoscope is sure to bring a smile to your face as you enjoy the shimmering elegance of its beautiful enamel and sterling silver!

KaleidoScope has been honored by PenWorld in 2014 “Best Interpretation of a Theme” in PenWorld’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Award.