Introducing the Lollipen limited edition 18. Designed in scrumptious colors after a childhood treat…the Lollipop aka Lolli.

They come in a variety of delicious colours: orange, grape, cherry and lime in the first addition and raspberry, blueberry, crystal in the second. Innovative engravings have been created for the English hallmarked solid sterling silver cap & barrel and then each pen is painted by Robert Glover with hand-applied translucent enamel. The Lolli were fashioned to give each piece refined elegance with just a touch of whimsy – eye candy all year long!

The fountain pen limited edition of 18 of each color comes with a rollerball section AND a fountain pen section (choice of XF,F,M,B,BB,IF,IM,IB) so like all RiKwill products, it’s two pens in one.

And the BallPen limited edition of 4 is a different twist – a half a turn and the BP extends for writing.

So have it your way!


Rik sez:

As a kid, I just loved lollipops. My favourite flavours were all fruity.

Caution: lick at your own risk!!!!!! or tie one on!