Sterling whirls and swirls with an Art Deco design, transparent colour and deep engraving – it’s a Revolution. The limited edition of 10 comes in three color palettes: tangerine/smoke/pearl, emerald/sapphire/quartz or garnet/obsidian/cream. Revolutions are equipped with a 18k broad nib or a rollerball section – so have it your way. Revolutions are coloured by artist Robert Glover.

Come join the Revolution!!

An Enamelling discussion – Robert uses ‘cold cured’ or ‘bonded’ enamel (which is baked at a much lower temperature than the ‘hard’ or ‘vitreous’ glass enamel used by a few of our competitors). WHY? Bonded enamel is much much more durable and has an endless (Pantone) colour range while bringing THE look – transparency and brightness – you demand.