White Blu Red Collection

As you know, at RiKwill we celebrate the writing experience so for 2014 we’ve created our celebration WhiteBluRed collection with 6 models: DuroDuroBallBabbageBardModel 58 and BabbageResin.

The collection is a vibrant and energetic British & American patriot theme taking resin effects to new heights! Shimmering shades of pearlescent blue, hightlighted with energetic whorls of rich pearl white and vibrant red are blended together using a rich exclusively hand-made resin material. The effect is stunning and outspoken. The collection was created with one goal in mind: Making the experience of writing as perfect as possible.

The BabbageSterling limited edition 10 continues our popular Babbage Cousin line – a size and weight that fits all hands created using resin over sterling.

At the same size but much lighter is the BabbageResin limited edition 25. It is the lightest in the group with a solid resin WBR body and glimmering quartz resin ends.

The DuroSterling limited edition 10 is a little bit heavier and a little bit larger in diameter than the BabbageSterling which follows our Lolli design goals and again glows using resin over sterling.

To appeal to the ball pen lovers, we have created a matching DuroStelring BallPen limited edition 4 twister (twist to extend the point and twist back to close) of WBR resin over sterling.

The Model 58 is the newest WBR. It is inspired by the Conway Stewart model 58 lever fill fountain pen but made entirely of WhiteBluRed material. This pen is fountain only lever fill and is available with your choice of one of 8 nib grades. The new release of the Model 58 is Conway Stewart’s homage to one of the company’s classic models, a pen revered in its original form by vintage pen collectors for the wide range of vibrant materials and variations. Serving as one of Conway Stewart’s flagship models throughout the golden age of fountain pens, the Model 58 is brought to new life celebrating the White/Blue/Red colours of the US or British flags. The new 58 model is a traditional sized pen, made to slightly smaller specifications than some modern pens, hearkening back to an era when a fine writing instrument was judged first and foremost on its practicality in everyday use. Like its predecessor, the new 58 will tuck neatly away in any pocket, but with the cap posted, still balances perfectly in the hand. Each 58 is carefully crafted of durable hand polished resin, with vivid white/blue/read swirl motif and accented by a trio of slender silver rings on the cap and silver clip.

Finally the Bard limited edition 10 features solid resin with sterling accents, an untapered cap and barrel, with a squared off profile. A look of sturdy elegance defines the Bards appearance, giving lovers of writing instruments a new choice – a solid resign pen slightly larger in diameter but lighter than the Duro. The section is thinner than the barrel, creating an easy grip without interfering with the Bard’s distinctive look and size. The barrel end is also reduced in size, which makes posting the cap simple and secure. A pair of solid hallmarked sterling bands on the barrel set off the 18 carat two-tone gold nib, with the clip mounted high on the cap. While a substantial in girth, the Bard is still a very usable thanks to the carefully thought out design. The high mounted clip allows the pen to sit low in the pocket. The rebated section design makes for a pen that is suitable for a wide range of hand sizes.

The DuroBabbageBard and BabbageResin come with your choice eight nib grades from Extra Fine through Double Broad, as well as three Italic sizes. Filling is via the reliable cartridge converter system, which allows either the convenience of handy ink cartridges or the rich choice of bottled inks. And of couse like all the RiKwill standard lines, each pen comes with a Rollerball section so they are ‘Two Pens in One”. The Model

The BallPen takes standard Parker style refills.